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What is Coaching?

Coaching helps you to gain clarity.

It can be applied if you want to get your career to the next level or when in need of a decision. The techniques used will always bring in different perspectives while you keep your freedom of choice without feeling judged.

A coaching session is a think tank where you can throw your ideas on a white canvas and by looking at it from all angles, get new insight and inspiration.

The role of the coach is to adjust the light, turn the picture and move your head around by asking thought-provoking questions. Once you have experienced it, you will love to be challenged in your thinking.

What can you expect?

Carmen is a professional for professionals. With more than 12 years of experience in business she brings the business perspective into coaching.

Use her thought-provoking questions to gain awareness of your potential that lies within you. You can be more successful than today – find out what stands in the way.

A Coaching Cycle consists of one pre-consultation and six sessions – each of 1 hour in length, conducted 2 – 4 weeks apart from another.

The pre-consultation is charge-free and allows both parties to get to know each other, understand what the Coachee wants to achieve and what Coaching can and cannot do.

How does Coaching work?

A Coaching Cycle can focus on one topic exclusively in all six sessions or each session can be used to explore separate topics – depending on where the Coachee is at when coming into the session.

Exploration is key to any Coaching session. You will speak a lot about your hopes, dreams, fears and explore your underlying assumptions.

In addition to asking questions that challenge the Coachee’s perspective, the role of the coach is to check on the facial expressions, body language and tone of voice, too. By highlighting what is visible from the external perspective, the coachee gets the chance to become more aware of what he/she truly wants.

How can you get Coaching?

Coaching can be done in person, via phone or video call. It can also vary between the session – depending on the job you are working in. Also your time-zone is not an issue. Important is that you have one hour of full, uninterrupted attention and a stable WIFI connection. Coaching is available in English and German.

There are two easy ways to fund your Coaching:

[1] Ask your HR department whether they have a contingent for Coaching sessions. If so, you usually can pick your Coach yourself. Let me know, whether you need my résume for your HR business partner.

[2] Get private sessions and invest in your career yourself.

Either way, let’s get in touch and find out whether we want to work together.

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